Vee Packings, V-Packings

Types and Definitions


Vee Packings

American Seal & Packing Vee Packings (or V-Packings) are multiple-lip (chevron) seals comprised of a group of endless rings and are popular for sealing rods and pistons.  They can be used for low or high pressure applications and with single or double acting cylinders.


American Seal & Packing presently stocks Female and Male Adapters (top and bottom) in fabric reinforced nitrile and V-Rings (center rings) in fabric reinforced nitrile and in homogeneous 90 Durometer nitrile*.  In general, fabric Vees are for high pressure, and homogeneous Vees are for low pressure.  The selection of fabric or homogeneous compounds should be made on the basis of operating pressure, temperature, and the type of gaseous or fluid medium with which the packing must function.  (*Call for availability of other compounds)

Hydraulic seals




Properly installed Vee Packings will generally outperform other lip-type seals.  They are always installed in sets.  Each set contains a number of V-Rings (based upon the pressure) plus male and female adapters.


The V-Rings in each set are referred to as pressure rings.  Refer to the table below to determine the number of V-Rings per set based on solid rings.  This table applies to the majority of installations.  There will be exceptions, depending upon special operating conditions, where the table guidelines do not apply.


WV Packings

While similar to Vee Packings, the WV style provides sealing properties that are largely independent of stack packing pressure.  The WV is designed so that it will provide a multiple lip hydraulic seal in a fixed gland depth packing.  Because of the design of the WV packing, the lips of each ring are free to flex when in a nested stack so each lip automatically reacts to fluid or air pressure, providing a better seal in a given packing space.  There is no compression adjustment required during the seal life.


Since the WV Packing is a multiple lip hydraulic seal, it is recommended over a single lip seal for applications where side loading is a factor.  The multiple lip also provides extra stability.  If one seal fails, there will be another seal to serve as back-up.


There is an interference built into both the I.D. lips and the O.D. lips so that there will be sealing capabilities at low pressure.


American Seal & Packing stocks Center Ring and Flat Back WV packings in homogenous Buna 90 Durometer and fabric reinforced Buna.


WV Packing Installation Data


Since WV packings are designed to be free floating, it is not recommended that the rings be installed in a compressed state.  Thus should be between .014 and .060 of area in the gland depth so that the rings are allowed to float.  The amount of this free floating is determined by the ring cross section and the number of rings being installed.  (See chart below).


For designs of medium to high pressure, it is recommended that fabric reinforced o-rings be utilized.  The adjacent table is a guide to pressure rating of multiple rings.  A homogeneous o-ring may be also used for sealing at low pressure.  The homogeneous o-ring should not be included in calculating pressure rating.



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